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The Global Leader in Thin Client Management

ThinManager offers centralised management solutions for the modern factory and office by simplifying management of applications and visual sources.

ThinManager allows unprecedented control and security in a sustainable and scalable platform regardless of the size of your industrial environment or number of facilities. ThinManager’s thin client architecture allows for deployment of less expensive hardware while giving users the applications and tools familiar to them in a format that reduces management and hardware costs while increasing security.

Relevance is a technology component of ThinManager which enables that delivery to be further managed by using location resolution. Using Relevance, and in conjunction with ‘resolvers’, applications and information can be delivered to a user when that user is in a specific location.

Benefits and Values of a ThinManager Implementation
ThinManager delivers quantifiable savings in several areas of an automation architecture.

  • Reliability:  Thin clients have an expected life endurance of 7-10+ years, compared to 3-5 for a PC.
  • Availability: ThinManager includes the capability to configure failover management, automatically using backup servers or network routes on failure of a primary.
  • Security: Thin Clients contain no intellectual property. ThinManager can deliver information to a specific user, or group of users. ThinManager also includes the ability for two factor authentication and integrates with an active directory domain.
  • Energy: Thin Clients use about 20% of the power of a PC. Additional savings ensue from cooling and UPS requirements being reduced.
  • Operational Management and Control:  Centralised control and management means easier maintenance. Thin Clients can be replaced in a matter of minutes on failure, compared to hours for a PC.  Thin client failure does not stop the automation software running.  Service updates to servers can be done during normal operation hours, and typically on a few servers instead of each PC.



  • ThinManager 9

    ThinManager offers centralized management solutions for the modern factory & office by simplifying management of applications and visual sources.

  • ThinManager Relevance

    Relevance provides mobile environments the ability to deliver the right applications to the right person at the right time & place.

  • ThinManager How It Works

    Get unparalleled flexibility for your computer networks by centrally managing every thin client, PC and mobile tablet from one powerful software platform.

  • ThinManager Relevance for Mobility

    Industrial location-based mobility solution. Relevance provides the ability to deliver the right content to the right person at the right place.


  • Industrial Mobility Trends and ThinManager Relevance.

    This webinar explores industrial mobility trends and introduces ACP’s Relevance technology which works in conjunction with ThinManager.

  • Best Practice Deployment of Thin Clients for Industrial Systems

    This webinar explores the increasing deployment and use of Thin Client technology within the industrial IT sector and introduces ACP ThinManager.

  • TCO Advantages Delivered by Thin Client Architectures

    During this webinar we explore how manufacturers who have deployed Thin Client Architectures are benefiting from additional reductions in on-going costs.

  • What's New in ThinManager Platform 9

    Download this webinar to see SolutionsPT show off all the new features available in ThinManager Platform 9.

  • Evolution of Mobile Architectures

    During this webinar we explore how the new Relevance technology from ThinManager enables secure access to SCADA systems and other applications via mobile devices.


  • Thin Clients

    Increasing control, availability and security with Thin Client architectures.


  • Total Cost of Ownership

    An analysis of total cost of ownership with ThinManager.

  • Why Manage Thin Clients with ThinManager?

    An in-depth analysis of why thin client technology, managed by ThinManager, is a good situation.

  • Real World ThinManager

    A look at how ThinManager is used in real world situations.

  • 5-Minute ThinManager

    A brief summary on how ThinManager can solve many IT issues with Thin Client technology.

  • Security and ThinManager with Relevance

    One of the many advantages of using ThinManager with Relevance is the security it adds to your system.


  • Wonderware Next Generation Roadshow 2017

    Join us for our 'Next Generation Roadshow' where we will explore network management and cyber security within Industrial Automation, before delving into the ‘next generation’ solutions that are making connected, future proof industrial environments a reality.

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    SolutionsPT provide Thin Client architectures which deliver reduced TCO through increasing control, availability and security while reducing maintenance and energy costs.

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