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Protection against Cyber Security attacks for Industrial Environments

The threat to industrial installations from Cyber Security attacks, be they malicious or unintentional, is now widely accepted –  the challenge now, is to develop effective strategies to provide ongoing protection to counter this threat, whilst faced with a bewildering amount of subject matter and potential solutions.

Our Cyber Security solutions are founded upon a practical approach that has been developed through working with customers, across multiple industries, each facing their own unique challenges.

Underlying Principles

  • Spending more money doesn’t guarantee success
    It has become clear that spending more on cyber security does not necessarily mean better, especially in the early stages of the cybersecurity plan when levels of uncertainty are high, our staged approach to cyber security ensures that spend is optimised throughout the project by applying specialist products and resources at the correct time.
  • Technology alone is not enough
    Simply adding new technology without updating processes and providing employee training will almost certainly never realise the full potential of any investments in cyber security, cyber solutions are not ‘point solutions’ and will quickly become ineffective without ongoing management enforced with a rigour akin to that employed in the IT domain.
  • The right OT architecture is key
    The most significant step to creating a long-term cyber secure OT infrastructure is to develop an architecture that is inherently cyber secure through a staged implementation process: rationalised OT assets, minimal attack surface and associated reduced ongoing cyber security system management.


SolutionsPT enables our customers to strengthen their Operational Technology (OT) network to meet the ever increasing demand for performance, availability, connectivity and security.  We can show you how to achieve this through our Industrial Networking and Cyber Security services:

Industrial Network Services

Learn how to create a secure, high performing network infrastructure through our Networking Services.

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Disaster Resilience

Have confidence that critical data is recoverable through Disaster Resilience Managed Services.

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Thin Client Architectures

Thin Client Architectures increase the control, availability and security of Industrial Control Systems.

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If a system is virtualised, it becomes secure by design, by reducing the number of server computers required.

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A Staged Approach to OT Cyber Security

28-30th November 2017

Featuring Keynote Speaker – Jay Abdallah, Global Cyber Security Director, Schneider Electric

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