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Webinar: Industrial Network Security for OT Engineers

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Wednesday 28th June 2017 @ 10am (Approx. 30 mins)
Webinar: Industrial Network Security for OT Engineers

Presented by Mike Lees, Cyber Security Product Manager and Ed Stanyer, Network Consultant

Based on the key topics from our new Industrial Networking and Cyber Security training course, this webinar will focus on Network Security and is Part Three of our Industrial Networking webinar series.

In Part One we delved into the basics of Industrial Networking, and in Part Two we explored Industrial Network Security.

The importance of a high performance, high availability and secure OT network has never been greater and with connectivity being central to the IIoT and Industry 4.0, these demands will only increase.  As industrial networks migrate from proprietary networks to IP based, those who are responsible for developing and maintaining these networks are faced with managing the underlying complexity and scope of technologies that were developed for the IT world.

Whilst there are many excellent network training courses and accreditation schemes available, they are not generally positioned towards the needs, or experience levels, of the Automation Engineer who is tasked with managing todays Ethernet based industrial networks.

Webinar Highlights:  Network Security

  • Secure management (HTTPS, SSH)
  • Port Security
  • Access-control lists
  • Firewalls
  • Common vulnerabilities and prevention (DHCP spoofing, ARP poisoning, MITM attacks)

If you are looking for a secure, high performing, network infrastructure and want to learn more about Network Security, simply register to attend this webinar by completing the form below.

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