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High Availability

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As manufacturing and utility companies become ever more reliant on their IT infrastructure, the availability of these systems has transformed into a key consideration for success in highly competitive global markets.

The revolution in IT has helped to meet the need for always-on applications. Virtualisation is now mainstream, thin client computing is the preferred architecture and IT security has gone from something we talk about to something that we act upon. These technologies have enabled 24/7 availability, whilst at the same time reducing costs and improving efficiency and reliability.

We have a number of solutions that enable industrial IT infrastructures to prevent downtime and deliver the right level of availability.  Our solutions range from fault tolerance to high availability, and disaster recovery for virtually any infrastructure.




  • Stratus ftServer Family

    Stratus’® ftServer 2810, 4810 and 6810 — complete with hardware, software and service — is an operationally simple platform that will keep your applications up and running with no downtime or data loss.


  • Stratus Technologies

    Stratus Technologies deliver continuously available products, services, and solutions. Only Stratus servers deliver five nines (99.999%) and greater uptime – Stratus call it continuous availability.


  • Creating Flexible, Resilient and Secure Installations

    This webinar provides an overview of best practice when designing industrial IT infrastructures, starting with a base architecture and developing through incremental stages that address resilience, security and the need for system flexibilit.

  • Eliminate Unplanned Downtime and Future-proof your Automation System

    During this webinar SolutionsPT and Stratus Technologies review the ever-present consequences that can occur from unplanned downtime and some of the leading causes. Strategies to reduce unplanned downtime through implementing updated SCADA systems and using technologies such as virtualisation and fault-tolerant computers will be discussed, as well as how organisations can leverage those strategies to prepare for the coming wave the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

  • The Urgency of Modernising Operational Technology

    During this webinar SolutionsPT and Stratus Technologies explore the urgency for modernising Operational Technology (OT). Operational Technology is hardware and software that detects or causes a change through the direct monitoring and/or control of physical devices, processes and events in the enterprise. We explore the growing importance of data to the bottom line and how the integrity of your infrastructure has to evolve in tandem to prevent future risk.

  • Achieving Lowest TCO in Industrial Automation

    Hear SolutionsPT, and Stratus Technologies, discuss how enhanced productivity, higher efficiencies and no process interruptions are of vital importance to industrial organisations. We will show you how High Availability, and Fault Tolerant solutions, ensure that downtime is prevented and explore the significant ROI advantages created from downtime avoidance.

  • Using Fault-Tolerant Servers to Protect Virtualised Wonderware Applications

    During this webinar Andy and Rob will explore the increasing deployment and use of fault-tolerant servers to protect virtualised Wonderware applications. The webinar is intended for Wonderware users who wish to gain a greater understanding about what’s possible when virtualising with Wonderware.


  • Protect Virtualised Applications from downtime

    What is the average cost of downtime for a typical organization? Download the latest research from Aberdeen Group to understand the options for keeping your “can’t fail” applications up and running.

  • Trends in Accelerating Performance Improvements for SCADA

    Download this whitepaper to learn about modernised Operational Technology in the Industrial Sector.

  • Cross-sector Success Guide for SCADA

    Learn how to take advantage of modern technology to minimise planned and unplanned downtime.

  • Virtualisation in Industrial Plants

    Learn how better application management can lead to increased control and lower complexity


  • Wonderware Next Generation Roadshow 2017

    Join us for our 'Next Generation Roadshow' where we will explore network management and cyber security within Industrial Automation, before delving into the ‘next generation’ solutions that are making connected, future proof industrial environments a reality.

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