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Delivering High Performance, Resilient and Secure Networks

We can help you to harden your Operational Technology (OT) network, to meet the ever increasing demand for performance, availability, connectivity and security.

This webinar series is intended for OT engineers and covers topics including: network switching, network security, IP addressing & subnetting, networking in virtualised environments and networking zones & conduits.

Industrial Networking

Explore industrial networking basics with the OT Engineer very much in mind…

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Industrial Network Switching

Unicast, Multicast & Broadcast, Spanning-Tree Protocol & VLAN…

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Industrial Network Security (Part 1)

Secure management (HTTPS, SSH) & port security in-depth…

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Industrial Network Security (Part 2)

Guidance on Access Control Lists (ACL) and Firewalls…

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Industrial Network Security (Part 3)

Best practices to protect industrial networks against Cyberattacks…

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IP Addressing & Subnetting (Part 1)

Deep dive into IP addressing format and relevance of subnet masks…

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IP Addressing & Subnetting (Part 2)

Deep dive into IP address classes and ranges, designing IP address schemes…

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Network Zones & Conduits

Explore the concepts of ‘zones’ & ‘conduits’ for increasing security…

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Networking in Virtualised Environments

Key components and features of a virtualised networking infrastructure…

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A Staged Approach to OT Cyber Security

28-30th November 2017

Featuring Keynote Speaker – Jay Abdallah, Global Cyber Security Director, Schneider Electric

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