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Wonderware Next Generation Roadshow 2017

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The Industrial Landscape is Evolving

Digitisation advancements within industrial automation are enabling the transfer and collection of greater volumes of operational data across the plant floor, powered in part by the declining cost of connectivity and the growth of cloud technology.  As we steadily move towards an ‘everything connected’ future, the requirement for highly secure and robust OT networks significantly increases.

Our ‘Next Generation Roadshow’ will explore network management and cyber security within Industrial Automation, before delving into the ‘next generation’ solutions that are making connected, future proof industrial environments a reality.

Roadshow Overview

Roadshow Dates and Venues

  • 29th March – Fota Island Resort, Cork, Ireland
  • 25th April – Madejski Stadium, Reading, England
  • 17th May – Manchester United FC, England
  • 20th June – Cumbernauld, Scotland

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Main Stage Agenda Highlights

The OT Networking Landscape
Managing cyber security audits, stabilisation and roadmap development

Managing Operational Big Data
Drive actionable intelligence with our latest on-premise and cloud-based information management technologies

The Wonderware ‘Next Generation Roadmap’
Get a first look at System Platform 2017

To download the complete agenda, click here

Afternoon Deep Dive Sessions

Wonderware Next Generation SCADA
Get hands-on with System Platform 2017

Training to cover the latest advancements within ThinManager

Citect SCADA

To download the complete agenda, click here

Deep Dive Overviews

Wonderware Next Generation SCADA

This is a chance for you to get hands-on with our Next Generation software, the natural evolution of System Platform.   You will need to download a virtual machine to your laptop with the Next Generation software installed prior to attending the event (if you don’t have the information on how to do this then please get in touch). You will also need to bring your laptop with you on the day to run the virtual machine (please make sure you have enough resource to do this) so we can guide you through the following:

  • – Understand the new object wizard configuration and how it simplifies your design methodology in alignment with your assets
  • – Build a View Application from scratch using the brand new design environment
  • – Configure and understand the power of the screen profiles and layout editor

We will also introduce some of the built-in applications that can make your SCADA interface forever extensible.


The ThinManager training session will provide an opportunity to get hands-on with the equipment. You will be provided with a Thin Client and a laptop running Windows, InTouch and ThinManager 9.0.  During this session we will cover:

  • – Configuration of a Thin Client to automatically load InTouch and embed an IPCamera feed directly into the InTouch session
  • – Running a second application directly alongside InTouch on a single monitor
  • – Configuration of InTouch SCADA server redundancy and adding secure logins using RFID technology and passwords
  • – Configuring SCADA access to a mobile device

Citect SCADA

In November 2016 Schneider Electric released the highly anticipated CitectTM SCADA 2016, loaded with new features and enhanced functionality that is set to re-imagine and streamline the engineering experience.

Come join us in this deep dive session, where you will:

  • Become very familiar with our brand new integrated development environment, Citect Studio
  • Learn how the new Centralised Deployment system will significantly reduce the time and effort to deploy Citect SCADA projects to servers and clients
  • Get to see some of the other great features such as Topology view, Calculated Variables, Profiles and more.

To download the complete agenda, click here

Wonderware Partners

Click on the company logos for more information


The Global Leader in Thin Client Management & Industrial Mobility Solutions


The future-ready industrial standard for continuous availability


The most widely used alarm notification platform in industry and IIoT

Ocean Data Systems

Ocean Data Systems is the software development company, which has developed Dream Report – the edge technology world leading complete solution for programming – free user friendly reporting for industrial automation.


ATEX Certified Tablets for Hazardous Areas

MDT Software

MDT Software is the world’s foremost and trusted supplier of Automation Change Management Software

Citect SCADA

Citect SCADA is an operating and monitoring software solution with powerful visualisation and operational capabilities.



For each of the roadshow locations there are accommodation options within close proximity.

Cork, Ireland – Fota Island Resort and Spa

The hotel is onsite, €144 single occupancy B&B
Tel – +353 (0) 21 488 3700

Reading, UK – Millennium Madejski Hotel

This hotel is onsite at the Madejski stadium, £172 single occupancy B&B
Tel – 0118 925 3500

Manchester, UK – Hotel Football, Old Trafford

This hotel is within 5 minutes walk from Old Trafford
£107 single occupancy Bed & Breakfast
Tel – 0161 751 0430

Cumbernauld, Scotland – Westerwood Hotel & Golf Resort

This hotel is onsite at the Westerwood Resort

£105 double room, Bed & Breakfast

Tel – 01236 457 171