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Operational Intelligence

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SolutionsPT is the sole distributor of Wonderware ‘operational intelligence’ software in the UK and Ireland.  Visit our dedicated Wonderware UK | Wonderware Ireland websites for more information on the latest Wonderware operational intelligence solutions.

Manufacturers experiencing the highest organic growth are using Operational Intelligence real-time data and reporting techniques to gain unparalleled insight into their production processes and stay competitive.

Wonderware System Platform: Connecting People, Processes and Information

Embracing Operational Intelligence is intuitive, requires minimal technical knowledge to operate, and is often far simpler to implement than expected. Wonderware System Platform provides the stage on which to grow and develop real-time reporting and analytics based applications, such as Wonderware Intelligence. Data captured by your System Platform applications can be used to create a wide range of interactive reports and data analysis charts available on your desktop and via the web. The right information in the right context at the right time enable users to make timely and accurate decisions.

– Dramatically reduce your operating costs with Operational Intelligence

Best-in-class manufacturers who have implemented Operational Intelligence on average reported a 17% reduction in their operating costs. These organisations are using OI to identify broken processes, consistent inefficiencies, and unproductive business units. This gives decision makers a better understanding of the true costs of specific products and processes.

– Turn a mountain of disparate information into Operational Intelligence

Adopting Operational Intelligence helps to achieve operational excellence, reduce inefficiencies, and can directly help business growth. By generating Operational Intelligence businesses can combat inefficiency and improve customer satisfaction by responding more quickly to customer issues and proactively fixing problems. As well as empowering people to make intelligent decisions and prioritise actions.


A Staged Approach to OT Cyber Security

28-30th November 2017

Featuring Keynote Speaker – Jay Abdallah, Global Cyber Security Director, Schneider Electric

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