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Projects and Risk

The minimisation of risk is at the heart of our consultancy offering. If you are working to a deadline you will not want to stray from the most optimum route to project success, our support, consultancy and training services all work to getting you on the right path and using our products both effectively and optimally – delivering business benefits at the earliest date.

Wonderware UK and Ireland Consultancy Services are available to you during pre- and post-implementation stages of any project where you are utilising Wonderware UK and Ireland products.

We also have the expertise to support non-Wonderware products.

Additionally, we can assist in providing recommendations for the structure and the “best way forward” so you can get the most out of your investment.

During a project you may find yourself at any of the given stages:

  • User Requirements Gathering
  • User Requirements Specification
  • Functional Design Specification
  • Implementation
  • Factory and Site Testing
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • On-going Support and Updating

Wonderware UK and Ireland can help you with several of these stages. Our concentrated expertise and experience of real-time software products can enable the successful deployment of our products within your specified projects.

As organisations look to future developments to increase their competitive advantage our solutions provides information that can help achieve this.