InTouch for System Platform 2017

Course overview
Duration: 4 days
Cost: £1500 + VAT

The InTouch for System Platform 2017 course is a 4-day, instructor-led class designed to provide a fundamental understanding of how Wonderware InTouch provides visualization for your plant Galaxy data using ArchestrA symbols within the Wonderware Application Server software.
The focus of this managed, object-based InTouch for System Platform course is to illustrate the use of visualization tools in Wonderware Application Server to provide a Human Machine Interface (HMI) utilizing connectivity to the Galaxy, graphic symbols, animations, and scripting features and functionality found in InTouch WindowMaker, ArchestrA symbols, the ArchestrA symbol editor, and QuickScript .NET.
The course provides lectures and hands-on labs to provide a fundamental understanding and reinforce the knowledge of how to design graphics and windows, how to apply alarm, trending, and history controls for visualization, and how to secure an InTouch application.


  • Create and deploy Managed InTouch applications using the ArchestrA IDE
  • Use ArchestrA Situational Awareness (SA) Symbols
  • Embed ArchestrA symbols in Automation objects and reference the object’s attributes
  • Use ArchestrA symbols in a containment relationship
  • Create ArchestrA symbols
  • Use ArchestrA SA Alarm symbols for alarm visualization
  • Work with the ArchestrA SA Trend Pen symbols for customizing trending
  • Use the ArchestrA Trend Client control for real-time trending
  • Work with the Historian Client trend control for real-time trending
  • Apply ArchestrA security in a Managed InTouch application

Who should attend?

Application developers, engineers, system integrators, consultants, and other individuals who need to develop InTouch HMI applications for System Platform


  • Completion of an Application Server course
  • Attendance of a Historian Client course is recommended to obtain knowledge of the Historian Client Trend component
  • Manufacturing industry experience

Training Facilities and Hotel

SolutionsPT have in-house training facilities at their Cheadle based office in South Manchester. The location offers easy access to motorways M60, M6 and M56, Manchester Airport and Stockport train station.

The spacious air-conditioned rooms and the guarantee of one PC per delegate, allows our tutors to train each delegate to the best of their ability. Courses are kept to an optimum size, allowing both group and individual attention.

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