Success Story: Callisto Integration

‘Callisto Integration – global leader in manufacturing consulting and systems integration’


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  • Multi-site, Multi-line Consumer Confectionary Company
  • Extremely Competitive Commercial Environment
  • Embraces Standards and Wonderware technology

Business Challenge

The client company required a standardized solution that would significantly improve its Performance Monitoring behaviours and processes. The client had a limited capability to visualize its various metrics from operations, in real time, or to review the recent past shift-by-shift performance data. The business was running on an old, restrictive software foundation that did not allow the viewing of long-term trend data nor to move this data/analysis forward to support the business’s Continuous Improvement efforts. Automating the collection of downtime and performance data would allow the company to move from a situation where operations staff ‘perceived’ where the issues were to one of knowing what the ‘actual’ issues are. The goals for the project were to implement a solution so that the client could identify where the most important problems were, to eliminate the internal debates about what problems should be prioritized for action, and to be able to measure the improvement on a shift-by-shift basis.