Success Story: Cambridge Reactor Design

New InTouch Control with Intelligent Vision

Intelligent vision systems make automated organic chemistry technician a reality. The scope for combining state-of-the-art technology with the development of an automated organic chemistry technician is vast. Machine vision is a good example of this, where the latest improvements in camera capabilities, including memory and resolution, offer research chemists access to new analytic methods for improving product quality. And that’s just for starters! New applications of intelligent vision now mean that investigations of downstream processing operations within the chemical industry are more manageable.

Where pharmaceutical and other chemical industries are concerned, the four most fundamental downstream processing operations are filtration, extraction, distillation and crystallisation. Of these, both filtrationand extraction have so far been demonstrated as amenable to machine vision in the Robot Assistant system manufactured by Cambridge Reactor Design (CRD), using the Intelligent Vision capability available as part of InTouch software.

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