Datasheet: PICS Simulation Software

Test and validate control programs and software applications using PICS Simulation software to avoid the high cost of production downtime.

PICS Simulation® software simulates real-world systems and machines controlled by DCS, PLC and PC control systems.  The entire system (communications, sequencing/ interlocking, HMI/SCADA, and alarms) can be tested, all emergency faults can be verified and operators trained prior to the system going operational.

With PICS Simulation software, control system errors can be swiftly identified in the office, allowing new processes to be implemented quickly and accurately thereby avoiding the high cost of production downtime.  The software allows the creation of a dynamic model on a PC that duplicates the behaviour of the I/O devices, providing the control system with simulated device feedback. PICS Simulation software also provides a realistic and versatile testing and training environment for operators.