Demonstration: Digitally Modelling Operational Assets

A Digital Twin gives invaluable insights into your system, plant, real world asset or entity. Giving you a complete picture of what it was designed for, what has happened historically, is happening in real time and what might happen or is going to happen in the future.

The Digital Asset or Living Twin, represents the real-time attributes, collects the history of and provides the basis for predicting the future operation of the asset. It is fundamental to the operational element of the digital twin.

By digitally modelling your operational assets with Wonderware System Platform 2017, you can gain insight beyond traditional SCADA visualisation. It brings all the aspects of your asset together in one consolidated view across the areas of:

  • Monitoring and control
  • Asset performance and maintenance
  • Operations process management, performance and optimisation
  • Information analytics (from historical, through to predictive and prescriptive)

Deon van Aardt, one of our Systems Architects, shares a demonstration of digitally modelling your operational assets in Wonderware System Platform 2017 and the benefits to be gained by doing so.