Success Story: Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya

Wonderware enables new management model for rail system providing service excellence and user accessibility

Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC) is a public company managed by the Catalan Regional Government providing rail transport services to over 80 million passengers (data from 2010). With 1,300 workers and two transport lines – Barcelona-Vallès and Llobregat-Anoia, which together add up to 76 train stations and 200 kilometers of rail tracks – FGC is committed to a model that constantly innovates, has excellent service and respects the environment.

As a public company, the mission of FGC is to manage its rail services and infrastructure efficiently and effectively. FGC was transferred in 1979 by the Spanish Government to the Catalan Government to improve the mobility of its citizens and to make available to them, a range of leisure activities that meet their level of expectations. Under this premise, the company began an ambitious organisational and technological reform of its operational management in 1996.

FGC was the first public rail transport company in Spain to opt for the remote management of stations by automating its operations and ensuring  a high quality of service to its customers by taking care of such details as ticket sales, access control, lighting and air-conditioning. However, the company’s key contribution is proving that the greater the commitment to process innovation and automation, the greater the customer satisfaction. Today, FGC has impeccable management that delivers unprecedented service excellence in the industry.

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