Success Story: GE Healthcare

High Integrity System for Patient Imaging

Hammersmith Imanet carries out basic research and provides specialist imaging services for the pharmaceutical drug discovery process; this often requires the imaging of soft body parts which is achieved by radioactive traces administered to the patient. When GE Healthcare won the contract for the supply of an additional cyclotron, the project team needed integration and operator interface systems to make a number of standalone components work together effectively. Cougar Automation and Wonderware’s InTouch Terminal Services were chosen to provide a high integrity solution to supervise this critical system.

The imaging of soft body parts is a crucial technology in accurate diagnosis of severe illnesses. The better the image the better the information is for a consultant. To achieve good images, the particular part of the body is dosed with minute amounts of radioactivity. This radioactivity quickly decays to safe levels as it has a very short half life. The radioactive delivery system and the accuracy of dosing hot cells for preparation of quality control samples and patient doses depending upon the method of application.

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