Success Story: Golden Acres

Unique farm diversification results in advanced automation

Golden Acres as it is today is the result of a nine year diversification programme, taking the company from arable farming to becoming a major independent manufacturer of quality dry pet food. Located in West Lancashire, Golden Acres has utilised its success with SCADA controlled extruders as the basis for full plant integration and a business based on detailed cost control through enhanced production insight.

Nothing that can be said about Golden Acres can be described as ordinary, from the management’s vision to the variety of products that they manufacture. The need to diversify was seen over nine years ago. A decision was made to manufacture pet food after rejecting many alternatives some of which were too radical or impracticable.

olden Acres does not have a high street brand name, they manufacture for others. Their business is to develop, customise and supply prime pet food products which their customers can retail with confidence. Quality is high on their list, together with repeatability and traceability. Traceability is a seamless audit trail from finished product through the process to raw material supply.

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