Success Story: LG Philips

New light onto TV screen manufacture

LG.Philips Displays in Simonstone, Lancashire, manufacture glass screens for 28” and 32” Widescreen television tubes. The company re-invested in the plant’s glass tank 18 months ago, and has seen the benefits accrued through the application of real-time process data gathering. Information reporting in bringing the new facility on-stream and in making high yield, high quality TV Screens has been critical in maximising the investment.

When a glass factory requires a new glass tank everything is re-appraised for this enormous investment. The LG.Philips Displays’ glass facility at Simonstone had already achieved a reputation for high-yield, high-quality screen manufacture, and this success led to the factory being invited to manufacture the company’s premium products; 28 and 32 inch wide screen real flat products. These screens were new to LG.Philips Displays and therefore new to Simonstone. The challenge was to be the best on a worldwide basis.

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