Success Story: Magna Automotive

Magna Automotive is a major supplier of components to the automotive industry, faced with increasing demand and the need to improve efficiency and quality they have totally re-vamped their manufacturing facility in Burton-on-Trent, UK. This was a major task that had to be undertaken whilst production was still running.

Magna selected SDI Group UK to undertake this project for which Wonderware’s System Platform provided the ideal solution in addressing the short time scales and in-project continuous improvements.
Magna Automotive operates a manufacturing and production site at Barton Business Park in Burton-on-Trent. The facility is part of the company’s Interiors Division supplying injection moulded internal door panels to a nearby car manufacturer. It provides parts for two different vehicle models, working on a just-in-time basis with a four-hour notice period for incoming orders.

The situation – increasing capacity with minimum cost
Whilst the operation only manufactures door panels for two vehicle models, there are a number of different variations for each because of different interior options that are offered to.

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