Success Story: Müller Dairies

Müller Dairy is the large scale and still growing operation in Market Drayton of Molkerei Alois Müller GmbH that processes and delivers millions of pots of their famous yoghurts and desserts annually to UK and Irish food outlets. The logistics involved are a significant issue to the company. The application of Wonderware Historian real-time database with special integration by SolutionsPT to Excel spreadsheets allow continuous fine-resolution monitoring of the entire warehouse system for maintenance and the resulting maximisation of up-time.

At first sight the process is simple, you organise the delivery of milk, a wide range of fruit and other ingredients, you then mix, pack and then dispatch to wholesale and retail outlets. However, the scale of the operation at Market Drayton adds significant complication to this simple model, and in the warehouse area this requires constant computer monitoring of all steps and sequences in the large and complex logistics system. Deviance from the production schedule means that a shipment can be late and can thus incur contractual penalties.

The site has developed over the last ten years from a filling & packaging operation with external resources to a complete production unit with its own raw material input, processing, packaging, cold store warehousing and dispatch. The fully automated warehouse ensures that the scale of production can be handled. Up-time was already high when SolutionsPT were asked to re-engineer the maintenance monitoring package when the previous system had hit capacity limits.

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