Webinar: Skelta BPM 2014 R2

SE_software_product_icon_WW_SkeltaBPM_rgb_grnSkelta Business Process Management – your strong platform for effective process modelling across the enterprise

Wonderware Skelta BPM helps organisations get work done intelligently, effectively and in a governed manner. Through its powerful functionality and model driven framework, Wonderware Skelta BPM offers a strong platform for effective process modelling across the enterprise. The software documents all workflows including task sequencing, dependencies and outcomes, and measures process performance for analysis and process optimisation.

This webinar covers:

The business value of workflow solutions, including:

  • What is Business Process Management?
  • How can using a Business Process Management System improve process efficiency?

An indepth overview of the Skelta BPM 2014 R2 solution, including:

  • How Wonderware Skelta BPM 2014 R2 works
  • An example workflow
  • How business KPIs can be gathered using Skelta BPM 2014 R2
  • Sample use cases