Success Story: Eau de Paris, France

InTouch Uses AutoCAD and Video to Ensure Water Distribution in Paris

by Wonderware France


  • Take into account video surveillance applications assigned to operators in charge of supervising water distribution facilities;
  • Avoid overloading posted operators by multiplying the number of screens;
  • Display a large image containing relevant information.


  • Integrate a detailed AutoCAD map of the water network into InTouch HMI;
  • Animate the InTouch HMI variables in this plan;
  • Automatically add video encrustations in the event of an intruder entering a site under surveillance;
  • Project the animated image obtained onto a large-dimension video wall.

Solutions and Products

  • Wonderware InTouch HMI


  • Operators have a global and detailed view of the installation, presented on a large-dimension video wall;
  • Operators can keep their traditional stations with a screen and can also use the video wall to show relevant views, back-to-back in relation to the large animated block diagram;
  • User-friendly application, less stress for operators

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