Success Story: 9REN Group

9REN-Group-ImageWonderware Guarantees Eficiency and Improves Renewable Energy Generation Plant’s Production for 9REN

By Wonderware Spain



  • Improve performance and ensure fulloperation of the company’s renewable energy generation installations to increase their production levels;
  • Reduce on-site maintenance costs, minimizing supervision.

Solutions and Products

  • Wonderware InTouch HMI;
  • Wonderware System Platform

  • It was necessary to develop and implement asingle control system to supervise 2 types of installations; photovoltaic facilities and low temperature solar thermal installations, which both have different operational dynamics;
  • The monitoring installations were geographically dispersed throughout Spainand abroad with all the challenges that implies: complex communications protocols for data transmission, different time-zones, etc.


  • Through a unique control centre in Madrid, access is granted to operating and performance information of each of the company’s installations;
  • The new control technology infrastructure supports the expansion of the existing solar energy generation installations as well as responding to the monitoring demands of other generation sources such as eolic energy or thermoelectric energy.

Wonderware is a flexible technology which enables reliable monitoring of any production energy source that we can offer. It gives us the guarantee of maximum installations control and also allows us to improve the facilities performance ration of installed structures.

Francisco Alija, Monitoring and Control Manager, 9REN

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