Success Story: Airbus Helicopters

“By implementing AVEVA software solutions, the time required to configure the IGB/TGB Bench, was cut in half. And as the systems evolve, these gains will increase.”

Pascal Bergé – Operations Manager at Ineo PACA, a division of Cofely Ineo

Since its founding in 1992, Airbus Helicopters has been responsible for many technology “firsts” in the development of military, commercial, emergency service and private helicopters.

To maintain the leadership position it has earned over the last 25 years, Airbus Helicopter required a robust software platform and process applications to accurately and efficiently operate its product testing benches.  As it turned out, the team found it was quite a challenge to identify a system that combined the simplicity and robustness needed to manage Airbus Helicopter’s extremely complex testing protocols. However, System Platform offered the comprehensive functionality needed by the project team.



  • To create multipurpose and reliable test
    beds for increased testing capacity.
  • To reduce development and maintenance
    costs of testing procedures.
  • To enable the ability to modify or add to
    programs independent of the system integrator

  • Replacing the existing system with
    a single, easy-to-use solution for
    supervising test beds and logistics.
  • Creating an open and extensible system
    which can interface seamlessly with
    additional testing installations.
  • Deploying the new solution without jeopardizing
    the functionality of the overall testing centre.

  • The facilities testing development time
    was cut in half, from 600 to 800 hours
    to 300 to 400 hours, and will continue
    to decrease as the system evolves.
  • The company achieved real-time
    data archiving and processing.
  • Creation of a scalable platform can easily
    evolve with the needs of testing centre.
  • System Platform delivers 40%
    efficiency gains by eliminating
    the need for scripting or
    customization, and leveraging
    reusable visualization.

  •  System Platform
  • InTouch HMI
  • Historian
  • Historian Clients