Success Story: Ambiensys

Total Control and Visibility for the Cutting-Edge Proposal for Ambiensys’ Urban Waste Management

Barberà del Vallès (Barcelona), Spain – Ambiensys is a company dedicated to the design,construction and implementation of solid urban and industrial waste treatment equipment.The system Geiserbox®, a solution developed for the company, is a machine which minimizes the shipment of useless material to the dump and is the result of an intense I+D financed by the Catalan Agricultural and Family Office private initiative. The Barberà del Vallès Waste Investigation and Assessment Centre (CRIVA) is the first installation to use Ambiensys technology for waste treatment and represents a pioneer centre, unique in Spain.


  • Allow total surveillance of waste treatment processes performed by Ambiensys Geiserbox® technology


  • At the development stage the main challenge was to integrate a standard, intuitive and independent control technology which prevented the end user from being tied to one technology provider, into the waste treatment solution designed by Ambiensys;
  • On an operational level the solution had to give total assurance of process supervision to be able to optimize human resources through a personnel reduction in manual tasks for the waste treatment process

Solutions and Products

  • Wonderware Industrial Computers;
  • Wonderware InTouch HMI;
  • Wonderware System Platform


  • Wonderware provides complete reliability and security as regards the implementation of processes thanks to a tight control of each stage of waste treatment within the Geiserbox® module;
  • Thanks to its ergonomic use, Wonderware technology is the easiest to use and configure according to the specific needs of each treatment plant where the Geiserbox®module may be installed.

Thanks to Wonderware we have been able to develop a one-of-a-kind technology for urban waste management which now allows us to supervise the whole treatment cycle from one control room with complete assurance.

Luis Carlos Carrillo, Operations Director, Ambiensys

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