Success Story: City Public Works Düsseldorf, Germany

State-of-the-art control technology for monitoring and optimizing the water supply

City of Düsseldorf Success Story imageEvery day it flows out of our taps – drinking water. It is the No.1 foodstuff and more vital to us and our survival than anything else. Therefore the reliable supply of large cities and areas with high population densities presents a special challenge to the surrounding waterworks. In Düsseldorf, the wells of the three waterworks of the Düsseldorf municipal works process the filtrate of the river Rhine as the first step of the ‘Multi-barrier-principle’. The water is treated according to the ‘Düsseldorf Method’, a process developed by the Düsseldorf waterworks. Secondly, the water is treated with ozone while flowing through a contact container, which has a strong oxidizing effect. At the same time, flavors and odors that might impair the quality of the drinking water are decomposed.

In a third step, the ozonized water is stored for about 30 minutes in an intermediate storage container to allow for any remaining substances to be degraded. Next and last comes the filtering. The water is pumped into a steel container that is filled with two different filter layers. The top layer removes oxidation products from the water and organic substances are microbiologically decomposed. The second filter layer consists of activated carbongranules which absorb flavors and odors and any other unwanted substances. Finally, small quantities of a phosphate silicate mixture is added to the water to prevent the pipes from corroding. Minimal quantities of chlorine dioxide are also added to protect the water from contamination with germs as it is transported through the water supply system.

Now we are able to create all required reports, analyses and documentation ourselves, we are no longer depending on outside companies to provide us with that information

Matthias Rammler, Electrotechnical and System Support, City Public Works Düsseldorf

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