Claroty Success Story: Electric Generation


As a fundamental critical infrastructure component, electric utilities are a distinct target for threat actors that seek to disrupt the day-to-day life of citizens. The increasing interconnectivity between automation control systems and IT networks across power generation, transmission and distribution introduces a growing attack surface within the electric utilities ecosystem and introduces a security imperative upon the industry’s key stakeholders worldwide.

Power generation plants are a major part of the electric utilities ecosystem, and will be discussed in detail in this paper. Power plants vary greatly from each other, in terms of fuel, size and age, but all of them utilize OT network to govern the critical processes that they manage. Due to their role as critical infrastructure, power generation plants were the first to be required to comply with various OT cybersecurity regulations.

Claroty was conceived to secure the safety and reliability of operational networks running critical processes, like the industrial control systems that power plants rely upon. As such, Claroty was the ideal partner for a power generation company that sought not only to comply with regulatory requirements, but to increase its cybersecurity posture by gaining the ability to detect and respond to targeted malicious activity.

This case study, focuses on one of Claroty’s power plant installations. It illustrates challenges and solutions that are both unique to the power generation sub-segment, as well those that apply to the broader context of OT cybersecurity.

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