Success Story: Devro

Devro Tracking production for Business Benefit

Devro (Scotland) Ltd produces sausage casings with annual production levels that can only be described in astronomical terms. With high reputation and technical expertise, Devro sought to update its obsolete data acquisition system and obtain significant business benefits through process insig, quality and avoidance of error. Devro chose Wonderware Manufacturing Execution Module software and other Wonderware products to achieve these aims.

Devro is a global company with two manufacturing locations in Scotland, at Moodiesburn and Bellshill. The plants are large and in overview have raw material processing that feeds to shaping and extruding machines that are followed by automatic box wrapping and packaging machines.

Astronomic production levels

Sausage casing manufacture at Devro is a volume business with in the region of 1,000,000 Km of casing produced per year. Many variations are manufactured that have their own technical specifications that have to be rigorously adhered to from a demanding market. Volume manufacture of casings requires constant attention to quality, this includes the specification of the casing itself with parameters such as wall thickness, diameter, tensile strength, elasticity and humidity. A casing must not burst when being filled and the casing has to have the required appearance, and packing and shelf life. Another major concern for quality is that of moving a batch through the production process. As the process is undertaken the casing is concertinaed onto a mandrel for packing, allowing an extremely long casing length to be conveniently placed in a box, each box must have the correct product and that product must be made from the correct ingredient and have undergone the correct processing. Each box has its own unique identity within a uniquely identified trade pack, and in turn aspart of a pallet load.

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