Success Story: Ecocity Valdespartera Zaragoza

Valdespartera becomes Spain’s first sustainable smart city in integrally managing its urban services with Wonderware

Zaragoza, Spain. Ecocity Valdespartera Zaragoza is the first urban development project undertaken in Spain that is governed entirely by bioclimatic criteria in line with the objectives of environmental sustainability contained in the Kyoto Protocol, and it represents one of the greatest social housing initiatives hitherto developed in the country. Located to the south of the city of Zaragoza, in the autonomous community of Aragón, Valdespartera has a total surface area of 243.2 hectares with 78 plots containing 9,687 homes, 96.9% of which are dedicated to social housing. The complex also has 181,645 m2 of for-profit and other use construction, such as public facilities and services, as well as direct transport links to the centre of Zaragoza by tram or bus.

Ecocity Valdespartera began to take shape in March 2001, when the City of Zaragoza and Spain’s Ministry of Defence signed an agreement for the land-use reclassification of the grounds of a former barracks. This document laid the foundations of an action based on the principles of environmental sustainability, guaranteeing growth and social cohesion with social housing and establishing the mandatory introduction of bioclimatic use criteria in its development.

The urbanisation company Ecocity Valdespartera Zaragoza was set up between the City of Zaragoza and the Aragón Government in 2002 to implement the project. With initial capital comprising 80% from the City of Zaragoza and 20% from the Aragón Government, private participation later entered into the shareholding of the company, with the Aragón savings banks Ibercaja and Caja Inmaculada. As explained by Luis Vela, Legal Area Manager of Ecocity Valdespartera Zaragoza, “this largely global and intertwined formulation of the project is undoubtedly the reason for Valdespartera’s success. The initiative that was launched in May 2003 has already been completed and has led to an investment of over 1.300 million euros”.

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