Success Story: Elbe Tunnel, City of Hamburg

Elbe Tunnel Moves into the Future with Wonderware Software

Hamburg, Germany – A harbor city nicknamed “The Gateway to the World,” Hamburg is home to one of the most amazing underwater tunnels ever built. First opened in 1975, the Elbe Tunnel has grown along with the city and provides an invaluable link between northern Germany and Denmark for residents, tourists and business people.Now, eight lanes of traffc carry an average of 142,000 vehicles through the 3.1 kilometer (1.9 mile) tunnel daily. An extensive traffc control and safety system is in place, including signals, message signs and barriers that provide guidance.

Planning for Multiple Goals

Given the changes in technology since the Elbe Tunnel was built, it is evident that city planners have been forward-looking from the very beginning. In 1995, work began to enlarge the then-20-year-old structure. In 2002, a fourth bore with two additional traffc lanes and three emergency exit tunnels became available.

Hamburg offcials knew that increasing capacity was only part of the solution. An updated control system to ensure the tunnel’s effcient operation and safety was also critical. Their goal was to future-proof the Elbe Tunnel by implementing a modular and open system. With it, further expansions could build upon the existing facilities management and control deployment and increase the return on investment for the project.

With a modular and open system, further expansions could build upon the existing FMS deployment and increase the return on investment for the project.

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