Success Story: Greene King

Maintaining Brewing Excellence at Greene King

For over two hundred years, the master brewers of Greene King have been brewing fine ales in the heart of Suolk, in historic Bury St Edmunds, where they have been making beer since the time of the doomsdy book. They use the country’s finet locally grown barley from the bread basket of England, malted just two miles from the brewery. Water is still dawn from the chalk aquifer beneath the brewery – the same that Benjamin Greene and Frederick King used when they fist started making beer 200 years ago. However Greene King has also to stay abreast of the times as thy have many of today’s business challenges that are faced by other manufacturers. They recently completely refurbished their brewing and ancillary control systems using Wonderware InTouch and Historian.

It is crucial in modern brewery control that everything stays under control and everything is executed at the right time.To achieve this one requires reliable controllers and supervisory systems. Also the data within controllers can provide a rich source of manufacturing information. t Greene King it was decided that a phased upgrade of controllers and supervisory systems was required. This was primarily because of an accruing business risk in their increasingly legacy systems combined with the need to make other improvements which would require more functionalit. Modern manufacturing information and ontrol is now usually undertaken on a modular, ‘object-driven’ basis, thus the selection of anappropriate solution as critial as one has to live with the decisions that are taken at the outset.

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