Success Story: Hammond Heat Treatment

Heat metal and IT…

Hammond Heat Treatment was founded 15 years ago at Darlaston, West Mid-lands. The company provides a broad range of specialist heat treatment services for metalworking and other manufacturing industries. At 80,000 sq.ft. this is the largest single site for heat treatment. The technology in use covers many generations of processes, from those that can be understood from a basic knowledge of Physics to the latest in Computer-controlled Mesh Belt Furnaces.

The basic service of Hammond’s to their customers is to provide repeatable, documented, quality-driven processes that in their various ways manipulate the properties of the base metal. These include core strength and hardness, surface hardness, wear resistance and fatigue resistance. The basic physical processes used are normalising, hardening, tempering, case hardening, nitrocarb, and induction hardening. This service has in many cases replaced in-house heat treatment at Hammond’s customers. The main justification for using external specialist services being consistent, documented quality control, and zero-defect product.

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