Success Story: Heathrow Fuel Control System

Heathrow Airport required an upgrade and extensions to its aircraft fuel distribution system to keep pace with developments in existing terminals and with the future Terminal Five. Cougar Automation won the rigorous and competitive £200K contract to provide the substantial control systems upgrade for all of Heathrow’s fuel hydrants and for the airport tank farm serving Terminal 4.

The successful first stage led to the placing of a further £300K order for similar system extensions to the other Terminals, including the tank farm that will serve the new Terminal 5.

Cougar utilised Wonderware’s InTouch SCADA and real-time database Wonderware Historian supplied by SolutionsPT Ltd.

Aviation fuel is delivered to the tank farms by pipeline. The task of the control system is to sequence the tanks, record fuel quality control data, to control twenty large pumps to maintain constant pressure and to prove that the fuel hydrants have no leaks. The upgrade was required to improve the reliability and management of the system by replacing out-of-date hardware and rewriting the software. The existing hardware was passed its operable life and the software was not sufficiently structured for effective support…

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