Success Story: IVAX

Continuous Improvement in Validated Process

IVAX (part of the Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd), is a global pharmaceutical company specialising in the development, production and marketing of generic and proprietary branded pharmaceuticals and active pharmaceutical ingredients. The production unit of its Inhalations Division at Waterford, Ireland, selected Wonderware products for its validated process lines. They have fully utilised Continuous Improvement features to provide major benefits in throughput, downtime avoidance and repeatable quality in the system delivered by ONG Automation of Cork.

IVAX markets a variety of asthma drugs in aerosol formulation. They also market Steri-NebĀ® formulations of ipratropium bromide and salbutamol for use in nebulizers to treat asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The production process at Waterford is bulk batch formulation in a mixing vessel which is then supplied to a complex multi-head filling line, the quality checked canistersthen being fed to a separate packaging line for assembly, labelling, further quality checks and rade packaging. Additionally some products are further checked for environmental performance especially where high ambient temperatures are experienced. The whole process is validated to FDA and Irish Medical Board requirements.

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