Success Story: National Starch & Chemical Ltd

Partnership Yields Extraordinary Result

Quality is a major factor in the success of a business in the world’s increasingly competitive markets, and this is especially so in the chemical industry. A Company that can guarantee to deliver products on time, in full, to specification, is in the best possible position to thrive on an excellent performance record and reputation. Braunston village in Northamptonshire is at first appearances typical of small community life. But, landscaped into the picturesque countryside, is the manufacturing facility of National Starch & Chemical Ltd. (an ICI company).

National manufactures high value polymer resins for personal care products, particularly a polymer that is a basic constituent of aerosols for the retail hairspray market. Over the last two years, Peter Jones (Site Engineer) has co-ordinated the phased upgrading of the control and visualisation of reaction processes at Braunston site. National’s goal was to refine and revolutionise their process controls, in order to achieve total production quality for their polymers. National imposed stringent performance requirements for the new system, and the specification focused highly on the need for an open systems environment.

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