Success Story:

”We yearly sell 270 millions cubic metres of potable water to the towns administrations. While we can accurately measure this data through a system of over 2600 fiscal meters, we don’t have an as accurate record of the water volumes produced and poured at the beginning of the waterworks  schemes. According to the data gathered from extracting measurements, the figure should be around 310-315 millions”

Sergio de Marco, General Director of So.RI.Cal.

Sergio de Marco, General Director of So.RI.Cal. (Società Risorse Idriche Calabresi), underlines that such a waste is no longer acceptable, especially in a region where water represents a particularly precious resource. After all So.Ri.Cal., a private/public joint venture founded to manage the supply of potable water throughout the region has to deal with a very difficult task. They have to check upon a water system that branches out for about 6000 km on the whole region, and comprises 200 aqueduct systems, four dams, ten derivation crossbars, 14 wastewater plants, 300 lifting stations and almost 1000 tanks.

This is an objectively impossible task to accomplish using the traditional means. For this very reason just over a year ago So.Ri.Cal. established within the organization a specific department for this project and chose to invest in creating a remote control system, which, thanks to very innovative automated solutions, allows optimizing the use of water as a more rare and precious resource…

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