Success Story: South Holland Internal Drainage Board

The Eyes and Ears of Flood Control

Central to our telemetry system, Cougar Automation’s technology allows us to prioritise situations and deal with potential issues before they arise, while giving us the foresight to allocate manpower accordingly and guarantee that our engineers are in the right place at the right time.

Karl Vines, SHIDB District Engineer

South Holland Internal Drainage Board at Holbeach, Lincolnshire, own and manage sixteen pumping stations and several sluice gates throughout the Lincolnshire Fens. These are designed to ensure the safe transfer and discharge of excess rainwater from the valuable agricultural and urban land areas into the Wash. The old scanning radio telemetry system had reached the end of its life and South Holland Internal Drainage Board (SHIDB) needed to replace it with a system that provided advanced features and higher performance than could be achieved with the traditional low-band system to enable efficient central management of their widely distributed assets. Cougar Automation Ltd, a Systems Integrator based in Waterlooville, Hampshire, developed a novel and highly sophisticated telemetry system for the SHIDB, Cougar Automation selected Wonderware InTouch for the control room SCADA and Wonderware Historian for its comprehensive data logging.

SHIDB, which operates through The Land Drainage Act, wanted additional capabilities that were beyond those of traditional telemetry systems, and more akin to a distributed control system. These requirements included the option of central pump control from their offices in Holbeach, remote videosurveillance for security and safety, and ‘drive-by’ interrogation for use in inclement weather. Consideration was also given to the requirement for a ‘store-and-forward’ feature that provides continuity of data logging across communications drop-outs.

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