Success Story: Special Metals Wiggin

Insight for Industrial Energy Saving

Special Metals Wiggin, Hereford, UK, is a manufacturer of nickel alloys for demanding applications. The company is a large energy user and insight was required to provide detail from which savings could be targeted and sustained. As part of the company’s lean initiatives energy monitoring and targeting was high on the list. Following research Special Metals Wiggin selected Wonderware Historian as the ideal data repository from which they could obtain meaningful industrial energy data.

The Special Metals Corporation group of companies was created in the latter part of 1998 when Special Metals Corporation of New Hartford, New York, acquired Inco Alloys International, including its Huntington Alloys and Wiggin Alloys divisions. In 2006, Special Metals Corporation became a part of Precision Castparts Corp., a worldwide manufacturer of complex metal components and products. The company provides world-recognized INCONEL, INCOLOY, NIMONIC, UDIMET, MONEL and NILO alloys. These alloys are highly engineered to offer a superior combination of heat resistance, high-temperature corrosion, resistance, toughness and strength and are used in the world’s most technically demanding industries and applications. Special Metals Wiggin produce nickel alloys in all standard mill forms, from large ingots and billets to plate, sheet, strip, tubing, bar and wire.

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