Success Story: Transports Publics de la Région Lausannoise

Wonderware and Mauerhofer & Zuber join forces for the safety of Lausanne’s M1 Tramway

by Wonderware Switzerland

The simplicity and flexibility of Wonderware makes it a user-friendly solution par excellence

Laurence Arn, Director, Mauerhofer & Zuber


  • Relocate and consolidate traffic management;
  • Revamp the entire remote control system in order to improve traffic visibility;
  • Archive all of the events needed for maintenance and scenario reconstruction.

Wonderware Solution

  • ActiveFactory software;
  • InTouch HMI;
  • Wonderware System Platform

  • Implementing a new system without disturbing current line operation;
  • Meeting the safety requirements of the ‘Office Fédéral des Transports’ (OFT – Swiss Federal Transportation Office);
  • Tailoring graphic representations to the customer’s wishes.


  • Successful implementation without traffic (verydense) interruption/disruption;
  • 7.8 km of M1 line fully monitored with one ergonomic, advanced application;
  • Real time and historical access to all types of information (alarms—safety—traffic).

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