Success Story: UK Coal

Cutting edge information from deep underground

Daw Mill Colliery is the flag ship deep mine of UK Coal. Set against a back-ground of the earlier wholesale closure of mines and privatisation, UK Coal found that they needed to take a complete review of their supervisory and control computing and find newer and more supportable technology. Wonder-ware products were selected and have been deployed to control and monitor all underground production and conveying at Daw Mill.

Daw Mill is situated above the Warwickshire coal field that is uniquely assisted by its favourable geology, by the width and depth of the seam, and by coal quality. The mine was opened in 1961, following the discovery of the rich seam during the sinking of a ventilation shaft for another nearby mine. Production is almost 3 million tonnes per annum and 96% of the extracted material is saleable. Almost all the coal is used for power generation at a rate of 1200 tonnes per hour. This business environment has to be carefully managed and full control made available to ensure that production is constantly economically viable in the face of imported coal.

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