Success Story: University of Strasburg

ArchestrA System Platform provides the building management system for the Université de Strasbourg

We chose the ArchestrA System Platform to provide a building management system for the equipment in our 140 buildings.  The originality of this application lies in the automatic transfer of the information entered in an asset data management program to the ArchestrA System Platform

Damien Bertrand, Manager of the Energy Department


  • Development of a centralized building automation system interacting with heterogeneous equipment
  • Easily access equipment’s technical data entered in an asset data management program
  • Exchange data with other application software simply


  • Simplified creation of the supervisory system based on the asset data management program
  • Better visibility and control of installations based on centralized technical data
  • A functional library and standard graphic created for all of the equipments being controlled
  • Implementation of a technical software platform capable of meeting future needs
Solutions and Products

  • ArchestrA System Platform
  • InTouch® for Terminal Server
  • Wonderware Historian
  • Historian Client Server



  • The standards for the supervisory application needed to be defined
  • Importing of the ArchestrA System Platform directory structure for the installations and equipments identified in the asset data management program needs to be executed without any losses

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