Brochure: System Platform 2014 R2

Today, industrial companies need a more efficient and flexible way of developing, deploying and  maintaining the software applications used to manage and improve operations.
Built like an operating system for industrial applications, Wonderware System Platform provides configuration, deployment, communication, security, data connectivity and other services. Why struggle with multiple “point solutions” when you can build and deploy the same capabilities from a single, integrated software development environment or “platform”?
Wonderware System Platform interfaces to hundreds of field devices and plant systems, allows extensive re-use of engineering, eases maintenance burdens, provides broad scalability and extensibility while accommodating new computing technologies such as virtualization.
You can finally deliver a standardized set of industrial applications that encapsulate your best practices and proprietary knowledge to every one of your sites.
It is revolutionary, it is the next step and it is available today from Wonderware System Platform.