Webinar: Achieving Lowest TCO in Industrial Automation

Hear SolutionsPT, and Stratus Technologies, discuss how enhanced productivity, higher efficiencies and no process interruptions are of vital importance to industrial organisations. We will show you how High Availability, and Fault Tolerant solutions, ensure that downtime is prevented and explore the significant ROI advantages created from downtime avoidance.

Webinar Highlights:

  • Operating cost components vs. other solutions
  • Known costs and unknown/hidden costs
  • How to build up a TCO model with a real example
  • Comparison of SQL Failover Cluster Instances, AlwaysOn Availability Groups and Fault Tolerant Systems
  • Useful life – the most important driver of TCO

If you are looking at ways to lower TCO, and avoid unplanned downtime, simply download the webinar below.