Webinar: Exploring Historian Architectures

From our traditional Historian offering, through to cloud-based, redundant and tiered architectures, this webinar explores how new historian options can help you to more efficiently access your data to meet your operational, compliance and reporting needs.

Standard Historian

Here we explore the automated process data capabilities of the Standard Historian offering, and it’s seamless integration with both Wonderware System Platform and Wonderware InTouch.

Tiered Historian

Need access to your production data quickly from your multi-site plant operations? A tiered Historian helps to create distributed configurations that address your business continuity concerns . Providing a centralised data repository for back-up of critical information, a tiered Historian enables added data resillience whilst also allowing for data to be compared between different operations and sites.

‘Wonderware Online’ Hosted Historian

Wonderware Online is a high-performance process historian, capable of storing huge volumes of data generated from today’s industrial facilities. This data historian easily retrieves and securely delivers information to desktop or mobile devices through it’s cloud-based functionality, enabling organisations to analyse processes anywhere, at any time. Wonderware Online is also managed and monitored through the cloud, helping to minimise both capital expenditure and IT costs.

Redundant Historian

Is your data always accessible? Even if you have a virtualisation strategy in place addressing the reliability of your hardware, the Redundant Historian option further strengthens this by providing “always on” performance through high availability, fail-over and back-up of your data, software and operating system.