Webinar: Leveraging Virtualisation and Centralisation Technologies

Here we will share our vision for moving safely and securely towards an everything connected future, leveraging centralisation and virtualisation technologies.

Centralised control is a key element for enhancing SCADA security, scalability and flexibility:

  • Reduce the surface attack area of your critical devices, whilst also providing central management of your servers
  • Reduce the number of physical assets to manage and secure
  • Simplify incident and recovery plans, making it easier to secure your infrastructure.

By also leveraging virtualisation technology, you can also reduce your efforts and secure your architectures more effectively.

During this webinar, we focus on:

  • The challenges with maintaining and patching legacy operating systems
  • Benefits of deploying virtualisation technologies
  • Reducing attack surface area through centralisation
  • Advantages of centralised servers and ease of management
  • Additional security benefits of thin clients (locking down USB ports)
  • Integration with Active Directory and centralised user authentication with ThinManager
  • Modernising edge infrastructure with fault tolerant servers – providing an uptime of 99.999%