Webinar: Your Platform for IIoT Success

An effective SCADA system should empower its users, bringing with it the ability to standardise best practices across multiple sites from a single location, and close the IT/OT gap with better engineering excellence and efficiency. Choosing which SCADA system best fits your needs is a decision that most people will only make once during their career, so ensuring you partner with a reputable company that will protect your investment and support your business is essential.


With the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) movement promising greater insight into manufacturing operations, an extensible and intuitive platform for configuration, deployment, communication and big data insight is essential. Wonderware System Platform helps industrial companies to take full advantage of increased  IIoT  “connectedness”, bringing your people, information and assets together within a centralised, multi-user collaboration framework for increased control and actionable insight.


Helping Engineers:

An open platform on which to design secure IIoT applications

Single location to make engineering changes that can then be scaled across your entire estate

Faster implementations and lower engineering costs


Helping Operators:

Reduce downtime with situational awareness – actionable visualisations mean you can react to adverse situations as quickly as possible

Minimise shutdowns and system maintenance during unplanned downtime


Helping Remote Users:

Connect anytime, anywhere, on any device

Collaborate with both onsite and offsite teams

Improve your responsiveness with real-time information of site wide operations


Helping IT Managers and Decision Makers:

High level cyber security, audit trails, user and group authentication and access control

Effective, timely management using simple intuitive KPIs

Common platform for analysis and reporting across all levels of the company

Wonderware System Platform covers scalability from a device, enterprise and solution level, enabling unique business agility in all aspects of your organisation.

Download our webinar to learn how Wonderware System Platform addresses the changing needs of customers and the connectivity requirements of IIoT.


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