Webinar: System Platform 2017: Introducing Maps and Playback

System Platform 2017 provides a collaborative, standards-based foundation that unifies people, processes and assets across all facilities, for continuous operational improvements and real-time decision-making. Its ease of use and modern UI experience reduces the technical knowledge barrier and empowers your operators with situational awareness.

By giving your people the tools they need to access actionable information, System Platform 2017:

  • Enables operators to quickly identify and resolve abnormal situations before they escalate, less system downtime means increased productivity
  • Reduces engineering time, allowing you to scale from a single node to an entire enterprise with the same technology – Build once, deploy anywhere

This webinar explores 2 of the applications being released with the product:

Playback feature:

  • Zero engineering effort – Take what you’ve already designed and make it new again
  • Review historical data through the same, familiar, operator real-time interface – Allowing you to pin point the exact moment an event occurred and assess what factors may have caused that event
  • Uncover operator training opportunities by giving context to historical activity and operational processes
  • Get remote and mobile access to InTouch OMI anytime, anywhere through your device


  • Cost savings resulting from greater efficiency
  • Better decision making due to being able to put data into context, alarms and events based on location.
  • Improved communication between different departments by using an interface that can be interpreted by anyone.
  • Interpret your information geographically for meaningful trend analysis.

The above applications enable you to keep your competitive edge by providing extensibility without the need for complex scripting. You can now deliver rapid change management that aligns with your shifting business and/or technology needs.

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