Webinar: Wonderware Next Generation SCADA

Exploring the Next Generation of Industrial Operations Management – Wonderware Next Generation SCADA

What is Wonderware Next Generation SCADA?

Wonderware Next Generation SCADA is our innovative offering that brings simplicity, flexibility and scope to HMI/SCADA management:

  • Simplicity – Improves the user experience while delivering “out-of-the-box” content and process visualisation standards which greatly simplify the task of achieving optimal Situational Awareness of industrial processes
  • Flexibility – Works with any device, adding modern form factors, smart navigation and displays capable of delivering a superior operations experience
  • Scope – Third party app support is an integral part of the solution, helping drive further Information and Operations Technology (IT/OT) convergence

Why Wonderware Next Generation SCADA?

Gone are the days of deploying an area of objects, effectively taking down that whole area until deployment is fully complete… With Wonderware Next Generation SCADA, deployment occurs object by object, meaning your system stays up and running with zero downtime.

Its ease of use, ability to standardise best practices across multiple sites from a single location, multi-monitor support and engineering simplicity, allows for complete IT/OT convergence, bringing with it better engineering excellence and efficiency, as well as reduced product lifecycle costs.

Download this webinar to find out more about how Wonderware Next Generation SCADA can benefit your organisation.