Webinar: Wonderware Online – Turning Industrial Data into Powerful Insight, Any Time, Anywhere.

In a Sea of Data, You Need a Good Captain.

Wonderware Online InSight is a high performance historian-as-a-service. It stores your data from one, or multiple data sources and allows you to access it from any device that can connect to the internet, or via the SmartGlance app,  giving you critical data at your fingertips.

Included in Wonderware Online:

  • Online InSight Client: A new user interface designed to be easy to use to quickly get the relevant information from your data.
  • SmartGlance: App that allows users to visualise summary data and trends. It also includes the ability to set notifications to alert them to any anomalies in their data.
  • Historian Client Trend for a more granular view of your data.

Find out more about how Wonderware Online can help you understand and analyse your Industrial Data on the go.