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Our annual customer event brings together Wonderware and Citect users with our expert team to demonstrate the latest updates in their SCADA system, and discuss the most important trends in the current Industrial landscape.

Why should you attend?

1. You will learn how Industrial Digitalisation can enable you to run your systems and plant more effectively, and explore the value AI and IIoT bring to you

2. You will have the opportunity to participate in practical, hands on sessions with the latest Wonderware and Citect software, providing insight into how the new features can be used to extract maximum benefit from your investment

3. You will understand the emerging and established Cyber Security threats, as well as strategies for prevention and continuous threat detection

The day will finish with a prize draw and networking opportunity, giving you the chance to talk to peers from different organisations.

A Continuous Threat Detection workshop will also be available, providing an opportunity to see first hand the ease with which cyber security anomalies can be detected using Claroty.

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Session Overviews

10:00 - Roadmap to Industrial 4.0 Nirvana

Everybody is talking about the fourth industrial revolution. But what is the reality? Is it all hype and buzzwords or is there real value in digital transformation? We believe you need to have a sensible approach to planning your strategy and will explore and provide route options to help you navigate your way to Industry 4.0 Nirvana!

10:30 - Taking SCADA to the next level

You have an amazing asset in your SCADA/HMI systems as they have the potential to unlock opportunities to improve the way you operate. In this session you will learn about the latest enhancements in the software that will enable you to extract maximum benefit from your investment.

11:10 - Extend HMI/SCADA to web browsers

In this hands on session you will be able to experience how easy it is to extend your SCADA system so that users with any web browser can get a view into their operations, by either looking at the live SCADA screens or Dashboards/Reports.

11:40 - Why we should be listening to the Assets - AI & Maintenance Strategies

Digitalisation is transforming the way that assets are managed and operated, unlocking their potential and empowering the adoption of predictive strategies by leveraging industrial big data, Cloud, artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

12:50 - Edge to Enterprise - Is IIoT real and can it benefit you?

IIoT is one of the BIG buzzwords. Most people think of it as purely cloud connected sensors, but the reality is that the concepts of IIoT could provide our users a cost-effective way of turning plant data into actionable information that will help people make smarter, quicker decisions.

13:20 - Touch and feel IIoT and Cloud: Edge hardware and sensors

We will not just talk about IIoT, we’ll provide you the opportunity to experience it. This session will focus around the hardware and sensors that can be used to enable cost effective collection of data.

14:05 - Touch and feel IIoT and Cloud: Cloud Services

IIoT is not just sensors and edge devices, it is also about the effective means of turning data into information and giving users access to this. In this session you will be able to play with the tools available to you from any web browser anywhere in the world.

14:35 - 5 steps to OT Cyber Security

Taking an ‘OT’ focused approach similar to the NCSC 10 steps to cyber security, we will look at the 5 main areas to focus on to ensure your process can operate efficiently and be resilient to cyber risks. Our approach is based on the Cyber Assessment Framework and focuses on appropriate measure and controls that should be in place to drive compliance, ensure remote access, event detection, protection and recovery is simple and robust.

Hands on sessions

Extend HMI/SCADA to web browsers

    • InTouch Web
    • Dreamreport

Citect SCADA hands-on learning session

  • Citect SCADA 2018 R2 project builder

Touch and feel IIoT and Cloud

Edge hardware and sensors

    • Advantec and Stratus Egde hardware
    • LoRaWAN IIoT sensors

Cloud Services

    • Cloud gateway
    • AVEVA Insight Cloud platform

Network Anomaly Detection Workshop: using Claroty Continuous Threat Detection

An opportunity to take a hands on look around the Claroty platform, to see first-hand how it delivers the deep insight into ICS networks needed to secure and maintain them.