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From SCADA HMI through to IIOT, cyber security and availability, our 30 minute webinars have been designed to provide snapshots of our latest solutions.

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Stay up to date with the latest industry trends, technologies and product updates from Wonderware with our monthly events and webinars.

If you ever miss one of our live webinars they are available to download from our media library.


Drive actionable intelligence, navigate the OT networking landscape and take control of your operations...


Delivering High Performance, Resilient and Secure Networks


Taking a staged approach to ‘designing-in’ defence strategy at every level of the ICS, delivering long-term cyber secure architectures, protected from both external threats, and the threats within.


Industrial technology is evolving to meet the growing connectivity and security demands of the digital factory.

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10:30 am



Citect SCADA 2018 builds on a proud 35+ year history continuing its evolution from ‘can do’ to ‘just does’, with a load of innovations that continue to help customers optimize...

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10:00 am



Here we will provide guidance for approaching Ethernet and IP connectivity problems.  We will also cover helpful tips and applications to use when troubleshooting network issues.

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